The complete bibliography is available as BibTex and RSS feed. Copies of most papers and other outputs are available here, or I can send PDF copies also by email, just ask !

Peer-reviewed articles

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Theses and Assignments

For source material (LaTeX code, figures etc.) of these theses, see Github.

D.Sc. (Tech.), Probabilistic analysis of the human transcriptome with side information
PhD thesis; Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Faculty of Information and Natural Sciences, Espoo, Finland, 2010. Thesis introduction released with CC-BY license. Väitöstiedote Electronic version LaTeX/GitHub PDF.

M.Sc. (Tech.), Comparative functional genome analysis using associative clustering
M.Sc. thesis (in Finnish), Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, 2003. PDF|LaTeX/Github

B.Sc thesis (in Finnish). Simon Blackburnin kvasi-realismi ja moraalisen keskustelun turvaaminen / Concerning Blackburn’s quasi-realism in securing moral discussion. University of Helsinki, Faculty of political sciences, 2009. CC-BY license. LaTeX/Github PDF.

A brief overview on the BioPAX and SBML standards
Overview of machine-readable representations of cell-biological processes. arXiv. CC-BY licence.

Julian joukko iteraatioden valuma-altaan reunana
Matematiikan erikoistyö, 2001. PDF LaTeX/Github. CC-BY licence.

Itsesimilaaristen joukkojen Hausdorffin dimension määrittäminen
Matematiikan erikoistyö, 2002. PDF LaTeX/Github. CC-BY licence.

Technical Reports and Workshop papers

Biomarker discovery via dependency analysis of multi-view functional genomics data A Faisal, R Louhimo, L Lahti, S Kaski, S Hautaniemi. Personalized medicine workshop, NIPS 2011, Granada, Spain, December 2011. Spotlight presentation by A Faisal.

Probabilistic dependency models for data integration in functional genomics L Lahti and S Kaski. Machine Learning for Systems Biology workshop, ISMB, Vienna, Austria, July 2011. PDF

Associative Clustering (AC): Technical Details J Sinkkonen, S Kaski, J Nikkilä, and L Lahti. Technical Report A84, Helsinki University of Technology, Publications in Computer and Information Science, Espoo, Finland, April 2005. PDF

Associative Clustering by Maximizing a Bayes Factor J Sinkkonen, J Nikkilä, L Lahti and S Kaski. Technical Report A68, Helsinki University of Technology, Publications in Computer and Information Science, Espoo, Finland, June 2003. Postscript

Scientific data and open source software

See the separate code and data pages.

Science popularization

Microbiome Yarns: human biome reproduction, evolution and visual acuity Timmis K, Jebok F, Molinari G, Rohde M, Lahti L. Microbiome Yarns: human biome reproduction, evolution and visual acuity. Microbial Biotechnology 11(1):149-159, 2018. doi:10.1111/1751-7915.13037

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