Presentation slides

You can find the PDF/OpenOffice files for most slides here.

International summer school on microbial network analysis in Leuven, Belgium Sep 11-13, 2017. Lecture slides R Tutorial

rOpenGov: a community project for open government data in Brussel UseR! Conference, July 6, 2017

The semantics of data integration, Brussels, Belgium 2/2017

Human microbiome: from individuals to populations, Oulu, Finland 2/2017

Population-level profiling of the human microbiome, Lunteren, The Netherlands 2/2017

Printing in a Periphery: a Quantitative Study of Finnish Knowledge Production, 1640-1828 Krakow, Poland, 7/2016.

Population-level microbiome profiling studies Brussels, Belgium, 2016.

Digital humanities and open science Helsinki, Finland, 2016.

Opportunities and challenges in large-scale microbiome profiling studies Turku, Finland 9/2016.

Further slides available via Github and SlideShare

Audiovisual material

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Selected posters